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Creating Unique Christmas Cards

Sending out Christmas cards is a tradition that can be enjoyable for both the sender and the recipient. Get out of the Christmas card rut this year by sending out cards that are unique, rather than the same store-bought cards, and send a message that represents you.

Crafty Cards

If you're a crafty person, you can create any number of fun and different Christmas cards; and even if you're not particularly crafty there are plenty of easy tutorials out there.

Handmade cards and envelopes will really stand out from the crowd when you use things like stamps and metallic ink, pieces of holiday ribbon or wrapping paper, and even bits of real holly or pine branches.

A little hot glue can create a tiny wreath out of small pieces of evergreen needles. Fir trees have flatter needles and may work best for this idea. Use wrapping paper to create flaps on your card that can be lifted to reveal photos or holiday greetings both on the cover and inside. A bit of ribbon really adds life to a card and can be an elegant touch along the spine. Use your imagination and whatever you have on hand, or check out craft sites for ideas.

Children's Art

Don't just display your children's holiday art on the fridge-put it on your Christmas cards! Grandparents and relatives will enjoy seeing it, and it's always a unique touch.

An added bonus to using your kids' art is the unintentional humor that can often appear in a piece of art made by a young child, sure to bring smiles to the recipient. Scan your child's art onto your computer, and then either use a card-making template, or upload it to a printing site where the finishing touches will be easy to complete.

Cards With A Bonus

A card that is more than just for display sends a little extra holiday cheer in the mail. Try sending a Gingerbread House card-cut out a house shape from cardstock folded in half. Then either attach or include a selection of candies that can turn it into a confection! Candies wrapped in plastic are best, as they can be consumed even if the package has glue.

Another fun idea is a bookmark card. Create a long, skinny card that can be re-used as a bookmark. Every time your recipient sits down to read, they will think of you.

There is an endless variety of unique Christmas card ideas out there. Whether you make it from scratch or get a little help from a website, your unique cards are sure to be remembered long after the holiday.